CULTURAL-E The European Climate and Cultural Atlas for Plus Energy Building Design (2CAP-Energy Atlas)

2CAP-Energy Atlas

The CULTURAL-E project has developed the European Climate and Cultural Atlas for Plus Energy Building Research (2CAP-Energy Atlas) to share the knowledge and results developed in the CULTURAL-E project with the research community.

A significant contribution of the CULTURAL-E project focuses on the identification of specific climatic and cultural features that affect building energy consumption, the so-called " multifaceted building context". This entails an innovative approach that looks at differences in cultural and climatic contexts to define appropriate socio-technological solutions.

The 2CAP-Energy Atlas is a comprehensive tool that allows researchers to gather insights and knowledge about local climatic and cultural factors associated with PEB technologies and PEB building occupants. After all, buildings do not use energy, people do. The existing energy efficiency “gap”,which describes the difference between what is optimally possible in terms of energy efficiency and the actual energy performance of a building, is complex and multidimensional.

In addressing and accounting for culture and climate, the 2CAP-Energy Atlas aims at having relevance far beyond the project and at having an impact on future research on PEB building science. To do so, the integrated results of the CULTURAL-E project are made freely available through this dedicated online tool.

How does it work?

The 2CAP-Energy Atlas is conceptualised with the scope of driving researchers to new levels of knowledge. The Atlas, a data visualization repository, is perceived as a comprehensive set of information sources and data sets which add new resources to PEB researchers’ work. The tool is backed up on a GIS online interface, Mapstore, as part of the GeoNode platform, which provides the necessary technical features and enables users to integrate the various contents and data typologies while allowing researchers to conduct an operative data analysis.

Visit the Main Map section to explore the 2CAP-Energy Atlas. Its layers and contents are displayed as described here below:

  • 1. Household Energy Demand. It aims at describing the cultural variables on energy users‘ behavior.The following energy consumption data, by type of domestic service, is provided at household level: (i) Space Heating; (ii) Space Cooling; (iii) Water Heating; ; (iv) Cooking Practices and (v) Lighting and Appliances.
  • 2. Socio-Economic Factors. The parameters detailed in this group refer to demographic and economic aspects and support a wider analysis of energy demand variations at household level among EU territories, such as: (i) Population density;; (ii) Household disposable income; (iii) Gross domestic product; (iv) Household Electricity consumption; (v) Household Gas consumption; (vi) Gas prices per household and (vii) Electricity prices per household.
  • 3. Climatic Factors. Following the Köppen-Geiger climate classification, the vast majority of Europe can be divided into four main climatic areas: (i) Oceanic; (ii) Mediterranean; (iii) Continental and (iv) Sub-arctic. The available data includes parameters such as: (i) Heating Degree days and (ii) Cooling Degree Days.
  • 4. Indoor Environmental Quality Aspects. This layer contains specific IEQ data sets, which are referred to the closest possible locations of the Cultural-E project demo cases. Specific locations and coordinates are included for each one in the IEQ related files that have been made available for downloading. Each geo-referred location contains IEQ related information and graphics.

  • This last layer provides information on users’ domestic energy patterns and how these variations are translated into different energy-intensive practices at the household level across EU territories. This layer describes energy demand dynamics by means of taking into account the cultural and climatic aspects which characterise the EU areas under research. Extended information is available in the CULTURAL-E project deliverable: Climate and cultural differences in energy use in domestic buildings.


The 2CAP-Energy Atlas Maps allow researchers to get access to a comprehensive set of layers and contents, while also providing options for an operative data analysis. Detailed information is available on the Main map.

In addition, the tool offers a set of tailored analytical maps which help researchers to visualise different data layers and territories.

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