2CAP-Energy Atlas

The 2CAP-Energy Atlas makes the project results on European climate and cultural context available to designers, researchers and energy related policymakers. The tool includes information At EU level on buildings features, climatic factors, users’ energy demand patterns, energy related boundaries, among others. It consists of an interactive map of Europe in which cultural, climate and policy peculiarities related to the building sector are visualized.​

When accessing the map, please use the layer panel on the left to browse the data and contents. You can switch on/off the various layers which are grouped by the various topics - it is recommended to close all groups for an easier exploration. The Atlas layers' architecture scheme is illustrated as follows:


Please refer to the following pages, if you need, to learn how to navigate and query the provided map:


1a - Household Space Heating 1b - Household Space Cooling 1c - Water Heating 1d - Households Cooking Practices 1e - Lighting and Appliances 2a - Population Density 2b - Household Disposable Income 2c - Gross Domestic Product 2d - Household Electricity Consumption 2e - Household Gas Consumption 2f - Gas Prices for Household 2g - Electricity Prices for Household 3a - Climate Classification NUTS0 3b - EU Climate Classification 3c - CDD NUTS level 0 3d - CDD NUTS level 2 3e - HDD NUTS level 0 3f - HDD NUTS level 2 4a - Environmental Parameters 4b - MECHANICALLY VENTILATED buildings in SUMMER 4b - MECHANICALLY VENTILATED buildings in WINTER 4b - NATURALLY VENTILATED buildings in SUMMER 4b - NATURALLY VENTILATED buildings in WINTER 5a - Demo Cases 6a - PEB Guidelines 7a - Local Policies and Boundary Conditions 8a - Energy Culture drivers 8b - Occupant Behaviour Modelling

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